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About Us

Bridge West is a cannabis consulting firm headquartered in New York City. Our goal is to improve the chances of success for applicants and established businesses so that our industry continues to grow and prosper. We believe there is space for everyone and aim to magnify the voices of those who are ready to carve out their niche within it.

Bridge West Consulting was created out of a very specific need: to engender information sharing in a fast-evolving industry.

Comprised of experts from different segments of the cannabis sector, Bridge West Consulting strives to increase the diversity of the cannabis industry. Our advisors support new cannabis companies and established organizations through the license application process and help dispensaries and brands maneuver through the various regulatory hurdles they face to remain compliant.

Today’s cannabis entrepreneurs are challenged by highly complex financial situations, unprecedented competition, regulatory risks, and economic uncertainty.

Having the right advisors can help you take advantage of opportunities and avoid costly mistakes. Bridge West Consulting understands the challenges and opportunities cannabis entrepreneurs face and assists them during every stage of their business. From winning licenses to complying with complex government regulations, our advisors leverage their industry expertise to help entrepreneurs achieve their business goals and ensure the success of their organizations.