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Cannabis Business Consulting
New York

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New York legalized recreational marijuana in March 2021. While the state has had a robust medical marijuana market since 2014, the introduction of recreational dispenaries promises to be a game changer for the Empire State.

For entrepreneurs and businesses interested in acquiring a cannabis license in New York for retail, cultivation, or processing, it’s crucial to prepare and focus on planning ahead of the recreational New York cannabis license application window.

Bridge West Consulting offers cannabis consulting in New York to assist potential retailers, cultivators, and processors create their business plans, apply for a cannabis license, and navigate reporting requirements to maintain compliance with both state cannabis laws and state and federal tax laws.

Our team has direct experience with the New York cannabis market can offer insight into the current and future regulatory framework, financial projections for the industry, consumer analysis, and more. If you’re ready to expand into New York and begin your cannabis in New York, contact us today to get started on the right foot.

Contact Us To Discuss Cannabis Licensing Opportunities In Massachusetts

If you are looking to attain a license for hemp or cannabis in Massachusetts Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting can help. Our team of cannabis licensing experts and cannabis application technical writers has had great success helping newcomers and experienced operators attain licenses in Massachusetts .


Higher Yields Consultants has decades of experience in the ever-changing, multifaceted cannabis industry. Whether you are an established business-owner or an entrepreneur eager to dive into the industry, we can help you navigate the ins-and-outs of marijuana licensing and production regulations. Fill out a contact form or call us at (844) HI-YIELD to schedule your free consultation.


As a cannabis business consulting firm, we understand the various hoops and hurdles posed by local, state, and federal regulations and laws. Our experience working within the current framework allows us to better support both new entrants into the industry and organizations looking to expand their operations into new markets.

Cannabis Startup Business Planning

Create a comprehensive business plan that’s ready for investors and licensing boards.

Cannabis Licensing Services

Ensure a robust and complete retail, cultivation, or cannabis processing license application.

Advisory Services

We help cannabis organizations operate more efficiently and effectively, and with increased productivity,

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