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Cultivation Services

Cultivation operations are the backbone of the industry. Now you can create your own grow and partner with processors and distributors to get your flower onto dispensary shelves.

Bridge West Consulting helps growers create a cannabis cultivation business plan, secure a cannabis cultivation license, purchase real estate that meets regulatory standards, and establish their growing operations with the right equipment and logistical framework to support scalability.

We will help you fill your knowledge gaps so that you can create a robust cannabis cultivation business plan or assist you with submitting a comprehensive cannabis cultivation license application that meets your state’s regulatory requirements while showcasing your brand’s potential.


Our shared years of experience collaborating with cannabis cultivators and businesses.


Grows have their own requirements dinstinct from other cannabis operations. We make it our mission to keep track of all of the latest innovations and regulations to support our clients and improve their chances of success.


It all begins with a seed—whether its an idea or an incredible harvest. By supporting cultivators, we believe we can create a more sustainable cannabis industry. Our goal is to engage in information sharing as we build the infrastructure of one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

Ready to share your vision? Contact us to discuss our cannabis cultivation services.