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Processing Services

Bring your product ideas to life.

Whether you’re looking to create mouth-watering edibles or medicinal topicals, you’ll need a cannabis processing license to get your products in customers’ hands.

Bridge West consulting can support you as you create your business plan or apply for a cannabis processing license by providing due dilligence, industry insights, and more. Plus, with our industry partnerships, we can refer you to branding and marketing experts that will support your dream of getting your products on dispensary shelves.


The Bridge West Consulting team has years of shared experience collaborating with cannabis processors and businesses.


Processing cannabis into various forms requires knowledge of various extraction methods and technologies. We make it our mission to keep track of all of the latest innovations and the regulations surrounding cannabis processing to support our clients and improve their chances of success.


Taking flower and converting it into oils, tinctures, concentrates, and edibles takes great vision and fortitude—and so does collaborating with potential processors to bring their products to life. Together, we believe we can create a more sustainable cannabis industry stocked with both helpful and fun products that consumers want.

Ready to share your vision? Contact us to discuss our cannabis processing services.