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Prepare for a successful launch from the beginning. We’ll help you take your idea and flesh it out into a viable plan.

Bridge West Consulting’s cannabis startup consulting supports entrepreneurs and corporations as they strive to bring their vision to life. Creating a cannabis startup business plan that incorporates the most recent industry and market analysis, thorough financial projects, and target audience insights while displaying your unique value proposition and appealing to investors is no easy feat. We’ll provide you with the support and resources needed to create a sustainable business plan for the cannabis industry so you are primed to apply for available licenses in your area when they become available.


Our shared years of experience running and working with cannabis corporations and single-store outfits.


We keep our finger on the pulse of the cannabis industry and stay up to date with all the latest legal and financial news to support our clients.


We understand the impact that a sustainable cannabis industry can have for both the health of the patients and adults it serves and the nation’s economy. We believe it is crucial to engage in information sharing as we build the infrastructure of one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

Ready to share your vision? Take that first step and contact us to discuss our cannabis startup consulting services.